Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jumpin Aboard! Its the New Year!

Ok, Everyone is blogging of some sort, so I thought I would give it a whirl. Like I don't have a million of other things to keep up with. But maybe I can find the time to fill this blog with some of my favorite projects or ideas while I load other sites up! I guess I'll be learning how to do this for the next few days, maybe weeks, depending on how often I get on here. Any tips or ideas to share?!

Since its the New Year, I'm trying new things, this should be a fun one! I hope to add weekly posts and keep this up to date. One of my resolutions this year is to Scrap a layout a week. So Hopefully these two will work hand in hand, as I create the layout and complete it, I'll be excited and want to share! I've already completed this weeks layout! So far off to a good start!

To add to my resolutions, I'm going to try again this year to, LOOSE WEIGHT and SAVE MONEY! Every year I say the same things! LOL esp since having Kristofer! Which I'm not doing so bad, but boy do I miss the slender/tone body I once had!

Speaking of the monster, he's helped do laundry tonight, well as I was folding and putting away, he put on the clothes, which for a minute I though, "ahh, less to fold", but now that he's been running around for the past few hours I'm thinking, "ugh, more to wash!" Check out My Fashion Victim.


http://angeladaniels.squarespace.com/ said...

Great start to your blog. I also think my DD subscribes to the same fashion trends your DS does! LOL!

Mickel said...

Great start here Chell! Love the DS's fashion sense...shows his creativity!