Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mommy & Kristofer Craft Project

Since school has started for my three year old, we've been soo busy. I can't complain because we both get a break from each other. I just wanted to share our Crafty Project we did today. Michelle & Kristofer

Newest Layouts....

I've been enjoying some time daily making pre-made layouts. Here are some I put together last night. I wish the picture did it more justice. I actually used some Liquid Glass to high light the flowers on one layout and pieces on my other layout. Then I used my gold glitter pen, MY FAV little tool to highlight some of the owls and sayings on my other layout. Check them out!

Greenville Newspaper and Greenville

I'm so excited to share this information. On Saturday I was published in an article about Scrapbooking in our local paper! I had a BIG picture with samples of some of the work I've done! Here is the article!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Home Decor Projects

These are some Home Decor Projects I made for gifts for Grandparents and Friends!

New Projects Under Way!

As most of you know I work at the Scrapbook Supply in Greer S.C. This is where I display tons of my newest projects and layouts. I have tons of requests for pre-made pages and I love to fulfill requests. With that said, I'll have some new layouts to share! Here are
some layouts to look forward to! Disney Pages have been in High demand. I have already taught some classes on the Castle Layout and will offer
one on the Princess Layout.

Just incase you may not know, I also do "Scrap for Hire." Which means I'll do all the work for you! All you have to do is organize your picture by theme and I'll make your pages and put together an album you'll be sure to cherish!

Stay tuned in, I'll be uploaded more projects and layouts!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ok So Where Have I Been?

BUSY! I may admit! I love the idea of having a Blog and keeping it updated. But I'm torn between this blog and the one for the Scrapbook Supply ( you'll see I have updated that one a bit but have negleted this one. SO off to a new start! I will try to get on this blog atleast twice a month.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jumpin Aboard! Its the New Year!

Ok, Everyone is blogging of some sort, so I thought I would give it a whirl. Like I don't have a million of other things to keep up with. But maybe I can find the time to fill this blog with some of my favorite projects or ideas while I load other sites up! I guess I'll be learning how to do this for the next few days, maybe weeks, depending on how often I get on here. Any tips or ideas to share?!

Since its the New Year, I'm trying new things, this should be a fun one! I hope to add weekly posts and keep this up to date. One of my resolutions this year is to Scrap a layout a week. So Hopefully these two will work hand in hand, as I create the layout and complete it, I'll be excited and want to share! I've already completed this weeks layout! So far off to a good start!

To add to my resolutions, I'm going to try again this year to, LOOSE WEIGHT and SAVE MONEY! Every year I say the same things! LOL esp since having Kristofer! Which I'm not doing so bad, but boy do I miss the slender/tone body I once had!

Speaking of the monster, he's helped do laundry tonight, well as I was folding and putting away, he put on the clothes, which for a minute I though, "ahh, less to fold", but now that he's been running around for the past few hours I'm thinking, "ugh, more to wash!" Check out My Fashion Victim.